3 Life-Changing Ways to Use this Built-in Phone Productivity feature


0:00 Here are three ways to change your life and save you a ton of time and finally get control over doom scrolling. First, you can use it by turning it on while you’re in the office and blocked apps will be there for your breaks only. Two, turn it on when you are out of the office.

0:19 And that will keep you from working 24/7. So those apps will be blocked while you’re out of the office. And the third way is to turn on all the time.

0:27 Here’s how it works. Now that it’s on, I’m going to show you, I’m going to try to access an app.

0:32 So this is Instagram here, and it’s going to say focus mode is on. The distracting apps are paused. Here is the key.

0:41 It says use app for five minutes. So if I click that, I can open it up and I can actually go ahead and use the app.

0:48 But in five minutes it is going to actually kick me out. It’s telling me one minute left. I can keep using it by clicking wait until 11:19, but you’ll see that it has greyed out.

1:01 And if I don’t click wait, it will kick me off of the app. Just like that. Follow me for more ways to work smarter and live more.

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