ClickUp Quick Tip: Separate Ideas from Actions & Organize Them

Optimize your ClickUp efficiency by making sure your ideas have a safe -- and separate -- place to avoid cluttering your Workspace.

Do you ever end up cluttering your to-do list with ideas that you aren’t sure you’ll execute or vague plans for the future? Here’s an easy way to separate them in ClickUp!



One good way to keep ideas and action items separated would just be to create a whole separate list called ideas.


This way you don’t get bogged down by status issues. So I’m just going to create a new idea task here.


There we go. It’s right in our new idea [list], I might set this as urgent and I do have this grouped by priority.


So I know kind of when to take a look at them, then when I’m ready to actually take action, I can drag and drop it to my action items list.


And when I go in here, you’ll see it under my “All List” right here. And if I want to assign it a due date, for example, today, then I can go over into my Today List and now it’s become an action item and that’s it super, super easy.


And again, I do recommend putting a priority and grouping by priority because this can get really, really massive and extensive if you don’t, but totally up to you.


And it’s a really good way to keep them separated. And one last thing, don’t forget to add the task, subscribe to Doer Entrepreneurs on YouTube, make it urgent and get more tips on productivity, systems, and using ClickUp to save your business, your life, and your sanity.

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