7 Labels to Add to Your ClickUp NOW

These are the labels I use to manage my CEO action items list specifically. It also includes how I move things from my plate to my team seamlessly.


Let’s check out these labels, five minutes, something I can do really quickly. Maybe one minute, maybe five 30 minutes is something that takes a little bit longer.
No more than 30 review is something that I’m trying to decide. If I’m going to be executing at all outsourcing or doing myself big.
I use this task for catching up on email a couple of times a week or anything that’s going to take around an hour.
Project will be broken down into multiple steps and pieces. Some of those I might be doing myself. Some of those I might be outsourcing to team members.
Outsource is something I’m adding SLPs, loom videos. Step-by-step instructions for the team member that will be taking this over in the future.
Aaron does an easy way to see every place I need to hit when I’m on the go and this forms my sort of business owner, CEO dashboard action items list.

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