You’ll never lose time on social media after this!


0:01 Do you lose too much time on social media? Let’s fix it right now. Let’s go. Step one, define your goal.

0:06 Do you want to spend 20 minutes a day on social media, one hour a day or one hour a week? Write it down.

0:11 Now let’s talk about how to get there. The secret is create friction. Here’s how, use just one or all of these ideas. Outside of the time you want to spend on social media, use focus mode, or do not disturb on your phone to silence notifications, or if you really struggle on your phone, I suggest deleting the apps altogether.

0:30 They’re so much harder to use on browser. If you need more than that, physically remove your phone, put it in another room somewhere that’s harder to get.

0:39 On desktop, use separate browser profiles so you can block the websites themselves, or simply log out of those websites so that you have to log back in or even use dedicated browser plugins that actually block the apps. Follow for more!

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