Traveling + working is not always a match made in heaven. Set yourself up for success!


0:00 If you’re a digital nomad, work from home, or occasionally take trips while you work, you might find it difficult to stay productive and also enjoy your trip.

0:07 Here are a few tips to manage this. Let’s go! First, keep the goal of the trip in mind. Is your goal primarily to work, or is it to spend personal time with family and friends or even go site seeing? Choose your goal and build your productivity around that goal.

0:20 If your goal is primarily work, focus on setting your environment up to mimic, as close as possible, what you’re used to, but recognize that you may not be able to hit it exactly.

0:29 If your goal is personal, hey, enjoy your time. Set up reasonable work goals that take into consideration all of these things.

0:35 You might be jet lagged or dealing with an… interesting family member. Take these things into consideration and adjust accordingly. Remember that the experience is temporary and soon enough you’ll be back to whatever is considered normal for you and your productivity.

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