🤯The truth about hustle in business.


0:00 If you’re a business owner and you spend any time at all on social media, you may have heard: “Wake up before anybody else and work into the night.”

0:07 “I’m grinding while you’re sleeping.” “You’ve got to put in like 80 hours a week to be successful.” Well, I’m a productivity and systems strategist, and I specialize in helping business owners achieve success without giving up their lives or their sleep.

0:21 Yes, you absolutely can. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s why the hustle culture is actually setting you up for failure, not success.
First, if you focus more on the hustle than the system, you’re actually going to burn out before you hit the tipping point win you need.

0:33 Two, if you focus on quantity hours over quality, you’re going to end up sacrificing living before you achieve valuable output that makes you lose at work and at home.

0:43 So, what should you do instead? Well, focusing on quality time, over quantity, leveraging productivity and systems means you have a higher, valuable output for your business, your customers, and your home life. Follow for more ways to work smarter and live more!

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