Crazy productive to meh? Here’s what’s happening.


0:00 Ever go from crazy productive, checking this off, checking that off to feeling meh, and just wonder how to fix this freaking problem.

0:09 Let’s talk about it. You don’t have a problem. You just have human. That’s what you have. You have human, you’re a human.

0:15 If it’s due to issues you don’t regret prioritizing, you were being intentional. That is the key. Putting off something or changing your priorities is not bad.

0:23 Why are we creating freedom out of our businesses if we can’t do those things, right? What is the point? So ask yourself about intentionality.

0:32 That is the key. It’s important to not always look at things like they’re broken. I think a lot of times we’re feeling good about ourselves.

0:41 Like man, I’m crushing and being so productive. I got this done. I got that done. I’m feeling good, life is good.

0:46 And we equate that as to being successful. Right? And if I’m not feeling that way and things aren’t going that way, then it’s bad.

0:54 Right? And I’m not successful. I’m failing. I’m insert negative thing here and there’s nothing wrong with both of those days.

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