Are you tied to your phone or inbox to get jobs?


0:00 I like that you actually mentioned that and that you started by talking about email because I feel like people, and, especially when they work a lot with agencies, they have this impression that they need to answer straight away.

0:12 Yeah maybe you can speak about that also because it kind of sets the expectation for the clients as well

0:20 right? I have really strong feelings about that. I’m glad you mentioned it. Honestly, I really think that if you are in a situation with your business, and this is sort of some tough love for everybody, but if you’re in a situation where you have to stand by your computer and sit there and hit the button really fast before everybody else hits the button, you have a marketing problem not a productivity problem.

0:46 You are at a really, you’re in a way worse situation than you think you are, honestly. Because if your whole business is reliant on how fast you can hit the button and reply and refresh your email, that is a very unstable place to be.

1:04 And so I always tell people if you’re working for agencies, right, and it means that they have a lot of other people available to them, you know, to, to do the projects.

1:14 If you think about your, your business, your job requests should be way above what you need to grow your business and to live on.

1:24 So, I mean, if your job requests go like this and your income is like this, that means your job requests are dipping below your income on a regular basis.

1:33 And that’s why you feel like, oh my God, I have to hit the button really fast. I mean, I got my business to where I was working like four hours, four or five hours a day.

1:41 And, but what that meant is I missed a lot of job requests. But that’s fine because I had way more job requests than projects I needed to take to, to grow my business.

1:52 Even with agencies.

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