📢Solopreneurs avoid this toxic trap.


0:00 If you are like, nope, I will never hire anybody ever. I want to stay a solopreneur. I think you’re creating a toxic environment for yourself.

0:07 I think you’re creating an unsustainable business. What I mean by that is you can create a situation where you are doing a job that is not at all part of your real skillset.

0:18 So the example that I like to give is bookkeeping because I am not a great bookkeeper. It takes me a very long time.

0:25 I have to check things over and over again because it’s just not my thing. So to resist hiring a bookkeeper is a little bit ridiculous because that’s not really my forte.

0:35 So shouldn’t I spend my time on my strength for my customers and for my business?

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