Here’s why that big change keeps getting put off whether you want to be more productive, finally add a new service to your business or… Anything else.


Do you tend to say really big changes for Monday, the first of the year, or when the big project is finally checked off?
Here are two reasons why you’re setting yourself up for failure. One, big changes are well, big, and now you’ve just put that much more pressure on yourself to make the change and succeed.
Not good. Two, you’re repeatedly convincing yourself that the catalyst for your change is external, outside you, not internal, inside of you.
In other words, there’s something secret about Monday that’s actually going to make it happen this time. There isn’t. The time for change is right now. I promise that will make you more successful.
That’s setting yourself up for success. Try it. Let me know how it goes. Follow me for more ways to work smarter and live more!

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