Do you work “better under pressure”? Bad news (and some good news!)

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Are you somebody that feels like you work better under pressure? Then this video is for you. This is the pressure performance curve, and here’s what’s going on if you feel like you work better under pressure.
It’s typically you think you’re working under optimal performance conditions. Right? Got the ideal zone here.
Unfortunately, people who focus too much on the pressure end up in the zone of delusion and ultimately in burnout. Some hints you might be in that not-so-great zone is you lose focus, you make mistakes, you’re frequently multitasking and you’re very stressed out.
If that might be you, good news, there is a solution. Track your time using toggle.
There are lots of awesome free ways to do it, and then just track your energy levels. And you’ll be able to see this before it happens.
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